#8: Two Ways Fear Shows Up & How to Get Through It

2 Ways Fear Occurs in Chronic Pain Healing & How to Get Through It
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When you think about healing from chronic pain or getting into alignment with your future self, does fear cross your mind? I know for myself it definitely did - whether in my conscious or subconscious mind. 

In this episode, I talk about two different places in your healing where you might find yourself feeling very overwhelmed, doubtful, and anxious, what those feelings often mean, and how to get through it so you're not back to square one. 

So the first place where fear tends to rear its head is when you're sitting down to figure out who your Future Self is.

If you've ever felt a panicky feeling in your stomach as you sit down in a quiet space to do this, I totally feel you. I've been there too. Listen in to find out how I got through it. 

The second place where fear likes to show up is after you've become clear on future self, after you've made the intention to move towards future self, and all of a sudden you look around to find your life in shambles.

On the surface level, this is NOT a good feeling. But on a deeper level, you'll learn that this is actually a really, REALLY good thing! 

I made a cheat sheet for you guys with these reminders, so that fear doesn't get the best of you. Click the yellow button below to access it. If you find it helpful, you could print it out and place it where you tend to feel overwhelmed or anxious. That way you have a reminder that you are on the right path! 

I hope you enjoy this episode! 


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Access the Future Self Guided Meditation here. 

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