#9: Permission to Leap with Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley & Jessica May Tang
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I'm SO EXCITED to bring you guys this amazing interview with my coach and mentor, inspirational woman, and author, Bri Seeley!

Bri is a transformational coach who works with women to take their leaps from start to finish. One of my favorite quotes of hers is, "Take the leap - the Universe needs you." 

In her new book, "Permission to Leap," Bri shares her own experiences with her multiple leaps in her life. She takes you through her own process of identifying a leap, committing to it, and doing the work to get aligned with this leap, and seeing it through to land softly on the other side. I've read the entire thing from cover to cover, and I can say that it contains all of the important lessons I've learned from working with Bri myself. If you're looking to make a shift in your life, no matter how big or small, this book will get you through it. **Click here to learn how you can get a FREE copy of Bri's new book, Permission to Leap!

I credit Bri with being the very first person to introduce me to the world of "alignment," Law of attraction, manifestation, and knowing my "purpose" to live out my Highest Self. 

In this interview, you'll hear about: 

  • Bri's new book, "Permission to Leap"
  • Where she found her "zone of genius" in helping women manifest their desires
  • How she became bored with teaching manifestation and refocused to helping women to develop their WHY
  • What it means to be in alignment
  • How to get off the fence, making a commitment, and take your leap already!
  • Visualization versus "feel-ization" - feelings are just as powerful as your thoughts

And best of all, because I've read Bri's book and want to share it with as many people as possible, I'm giving away FREE digital copies of Bri's book to the first 10 people who sign up for a new challenge I've created! This giveaway ENDS ON 11/13/17. Click the button below to learn more! 

My 7-day Future Self Alignment Challenge is going to help YOU go through the steps that I went through to begin healing my chronic pain. It took me a whole year (if not longer) to actually incorporate a regular practice of alignment to my life, and the freedom I feel from that "When is this going to end? When are things going get better?" uncertainty is priceless. With this challenge, I wanted to spare you that entire year it took me to learn this stuff! Come check it out and get a free copy of Bri's book! 

Links mentioned:

Bri's website: briseeley.com

Bri's Facebook group: Permission to Leap

Pre-order Bri's new book, "Permission to Leap," before it comes out on 11/13.

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