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A little birdie told me that she's been loving my emails and would like to see some evening ones to wrap up the day since we already do that between ourselves as girl friends.

I hadn't considered doing that before...partly because this is the first time in my entire business that I've written emails the way I've been writing them these last two weeks and on a daily schedule. And it's the first time I've looked forward to writing and sending every single one.

So I told her I'd only write if it felt good. And here I am, so I'm feeling good. :P

I don't have anything crazy profound to share with you guys tonight. But Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie does.

Here it is. 


"Every society has its own problems...The way to do it, I think, isn't to run away. You have to work at creating your own culture." - Morrie Schwartz

This quote struck me as I sat reading tonight because I am someone who likes(d?) to move around a lot. At the back of my mind, I always felt like there was something I was running away from. I thought it was just the Bay Area where I grew up and everything it represented. Home. Obligations. Dysfunctional family. The old me. The small me. The stepped-all-over me.

Each and every single move over the last 12 years felt exhilarating. I felt like I was able reinvent myself. Become a new me. A bigger me. A more confident me. A stronger me.

But after a certain amount of time in each new place, I would inevitably feel the desire to pack up and go again. And I always told myself that I was just tired of the "culture" there and was ready for something new.

But Morrie hit the nail on the head.

Searching for happiness is not about moving to a different physical location. It's not about moving to a different culture. Although, doing those things can help and give you the kickstart you need.

Happiness is about creating your own culture.

It's about creating your own set of stories and beliefs about the life you're living, the people around you, the world you live in...and most of all, happiness is about creating your own set of stories and beliefs, your own culture, about YOURSELF.

What's the culture of your inner self like?

Sweet dreams,




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