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Happy Mardi Gras!

Shout out to Andrew out in NOLA for killin' it out there and spreading joy! Huge hugs to you and Leo, friend!

Today, I'm going to a Masquerade-themed industry event with my girlfriend Leah, who is an incredible event planner and coordinator, and I have no idea what to wear. So I'll be throwing things around my room trying to figure out something decent (and warm - it's in SF, brrr!) to wear. #firstworldproblems

Guys & gals, I'm still kind of in shock that my last entire MONTH of daily emails did not get to a bunch of you. And I'm celebrating that I STILL KEPT WRITING ANYWAY. Even though my stats were dropping. This has never happened before.

And the biggest difference is that back then, I used to write what I thought everyone needed. 5 steps to do this, 7 ways to do that. And I got burnt out because no one read them or responded. And now, I write whatever I'm feeling inspired to write and TRUSTING that it's what you need. Sometimes, I'm inspired to tell you all a funny story, or sometimes it's to answer a question, or sometimes it's just to say hello and that I'm thinking of you.

Last night, I was chatting with Jess P and we were talking about how as creators, we tend to think that we shouldn't create for ourselves. It's "selfish." We should create for the people we want to help. (Hence the 7 ways and 5 tips, etc.)

The strange thing that I've learned in the last two months is that when I create (write emails, put together podcast episodes) for myself, because there is a creative urge inside of me that tells me to take action, the actions I take seem to flow much more effortlessly.

And the IMPACT I make on others seems so much more positive.

I usually would have felt burnt out and quit by now, but I haven't.

In the last two months of writing and truly being myself with you guys, I've heard from so many more of you than ever before telling me how my emails and podcast episodes are helping you, and I've even gotten more clients!

It's like an energetic door has finally opened up, and it wasn't about trying harder, or working harder, or even writing with an "ideal client avatar" in mind. It's been about being myself and trusting that whatever I'm feeling inspired to share is going to be exactly what some of you need each day. It's about being real, being a human, being a friend.

For those of us who are starting businesses, if you have tried all the usual marketing rules and schedules and routines and things and nothing seems to be working, I encourage you to try a fuck-it-all-I'm-going-to-just-be-me approach for 30 days and just see what happens. (For those of you who need more money to live on, consider getting a job or applying for a loan so you can relax more on the financial front because that's blocking the energetic pathways for receiving and acting on true inspiration.)

Case in point, I am mad crushing on this girl on YouTube and totally binged a ton of her videos last night because I feel like she's truly genuinely just being herself. You can tell she's having a ton of fun in her videos, and she's super funny! ("If you don't have an iron, you can use something heavy like a textbook or the crushing weight of your parents' expectations, you know, whichever is heaviest." - Ashley)

So what does "being yourself" even mean?

I've been reading The Confidence Code, which I have sooo many thoughts on while reading that every two pages, I have to put the damn book down and furiously journal the stuff in my head out, but more on that another day. And I think truly allowing yourself to BE takes a level of inner peace and confidence.

I think all of us want more confidence, but what does confidence really mean? How many of us can actually clearly define it? 

The authors really emphasize that confidence is about the ability to take action.

But I feel like it's more than that (again, granted I haven't read the whole book yet because I keep stopping every two pages, so maybe this is what they're leading up to, but whatevs).

After reading all those definitions, the one word that popped out to me the most was comfortable.

So I think being yourself is about being confident in who you are, which is about being comfortable while taking actions that inspire you. What do you think?

With love,




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