is dining out alone scary for you, too?

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Have you ever eaten in a restaurant alone? Did you like it?

I have once...and it was weird. I didn't know where to look. I had documents with me and I was trying to look through them. While eating with a knife and fork. It wasn't graceful. blech.

I've been worried about making new friends in Hawaii. And not doing the things I enjoy because I'm afraid of looking like a doofus.

So my therapist gave me homework to go eat dinner by myself. blech.

I felt contrast at first - a big flood of "I don't wanna"s and "I'm going to look so dumb"s. But she reminded me that it's not much different from when I sit at coffeeshops and eat lunch while taking a break from working.

Cool. A perspective shift.

Then of course, my brain decides to turn this assignment into a whole thing. So today, I am taking myself out for a solo trip out to Big Sur to soak in the sunshine and views. Maybe read a book and write a little. Then I'll get a late lunch/early dinner by myself before driving back home. I'm basically sandwiching my assignment in between things I really enjoy doing.

I'm a little nervous, but I'm looking forward to that scenic drive. And I'm looking forward to seeing the ocean.

Keep ya posted!

With all my love,




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