#1: What Does Self Love Have to Do with Pain?

self love and pain
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Hi! Welcome to episode 1!! In today’s episode, I shared my ideas on why we have chronic pain and how we can begin to heal it completely. 

Before I begin, along with this podcast, I’ve created a free Facebook group, called The Love Yourself Community, where we can all share our thoughts, stories, and questions. I’m in there every day to answer questions, hold discussions, share stories, and share videos. Would love to have you stop by and say hi!

In this episode, I talked about the core ideas that I’ve learned about mind, body, and spirit that have really uplifted me and helped me heal my back pain.

As a disclaimer, I grew up completely atheist with just a sprinkling of Buddhist traditions and went to school studying Western medicine. Today, I’m more of a spiritual student - I’m still learning, but what I’m learning and choosing to believe and trust has felt so empowering and beautiful, so I wanted to share that with you. So just to be clear, you do NOT have to be spiritual in any way OR agree with any of my beliefs in order to get value from future episodes! 

So here’s what we talked about:

  • We are spiritual beings having a physical human experience. 
  • We are all here to learn a certain lesson.
  • If this is so, why don’t we all know this and act/learn the lesson
  • What’s the lesson – everything that happens in our life can be seen as a clue.
  • The Law of Attraction to help us read the clues in our lives.
  • We need our thoughts and feelings to be aligned in order for our desires to manifest.
  • Chronic pain is a clue that deeper healing is needed.
  • How can we start the healing process of chronic pain?
  • The lesson we’re all here to learn is….self-love.


I hope you guys enjoy the episode! Stop by The LY Community after, especially if you have any questions! This is a large departure from the Western medicine perspective, so you might have a ton of questions (like I did).

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