#2: Why You Need Future Self to Heal Chronic Pain

Why you need future self to heal chronic pain
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Today’s episode is very special! And crucial to healing. I talk about the very FIRST step to take towards learning the lesson of self love and healing the root cause of your chronic pain and stress. To find out what this step is, please read/listen on!

So in the last episode, I introduced an idea called the Law of Attraction, which is discussed by many famous authors, especially in the self-help field. The Law of Attraction helps us understand how we can manifest our desires with aligned thoughts. 

This Law says that -

  • “Like attracts like”

  • Like thoughts attract like thoughts; like emotions attract like emotions

I also take a moment to dispel the whole “think positive all the time!” myth too. You DON’T have to think positive all the time to change your life.

So how can we harness this Law when it comes to chronic pain, fatigue, and stress? Well, when you’re in pain all day, what do you find yourself thinking and feeling all day long? Maybe some of these:

  • in pain

  • broke

  • unsupported

  • unloved

  • frustrated

  • angry

  • resentful

But if our thoughts and emotions are always on these things, we attract more of them into our external reality.

Instead, we want to focus our thoughts and emotions on those that we see ourselves having in the future. 

So, spend some time to flesh out your vision of future self. Notice feelings, sights, sounds, tastes, smells, etc. 

If you have a hard time coming up with a vision, I recorded a guided meditation that can help you. You can find that at jessicamaytang.com/futureself.

Visit your future self each morning for the next three days, and notice the positive changes that happen.  


I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this crucial Future Self exercise! And I’d love to hear about your future vision in our Facebook Group, The Love Yourself Community. (Can you guess what LY stands for?) 

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