when one thing goes wrong and you think everything is falling apart

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Thank you all so much for your love and support during this move!

I'm getting a lot of emails back and just wanted to let you know that I have been reading every single one. I might not have time to reply to you just yet as we are apartment hunting right now (we only have 6 days to find a place and move in!) but I will and will get back to you as soon as I can!

So...we landed yesterday and are staying in an Airbnb studio until next Thursday.

I have never done this before - staying somewhere unstable while giving myself only 7 days to find a place, sign a lease, and move in! With all my previous moves, I always had a place to stay and had a relatively flexible move in date.

Melo found out that he will be working in Mililani (a town 20 miles north of Honolulu), but we aren't sure where my brother, Nathan, will be working. We are praying it won't be Honolulu because yes, traffic is pretty darn bad out here. Comparable to the Bay Area, but a little bit less than Westside LA in my opinion. But the one place he already has an interview with only has openings in Honolulu...

So that makes the apartment hunting all that more...colorful, shall we say?

I had a bunch of showings scheduled yesterday after we had settled in to the Airbnb but for different reasons, they all canceled.

I was kind of freakin' out, lol. "What does this mean???? Why is everything falling apart???? What if I'm not meant to be here??" 😅

But again, everything always works out for the best because we did end up seeing two places that had really crappy pictures online, but we actually really liked when we got there! So that was a pleasant surprise.

I'm glad I have these two boys with me - they remind me every hour that we will find a place and everything will work out for the best.

I'm reminded of how my previous two homes in LA I absolutely loved, but they didn't come to me until I was in flow. I brag about how for both of those moves, I visited 35-40 apartments each time to find the "right one."

But looking back, it wasn't until I gave up "searching" and "efforting" so hard, threw my hands up in the air, asked the Universe for help, and then the next one I saw, I stepped inside and immediately felt, "This is it. This is home."

So I'm doing my best to remember this and reframe "scrambling around looking for a damn home" to "enjoying visiting different communities on the island and pretending to live there" - which honestly, is the best part of apartment hunting. Pretending to live in a home and projecting your life into that space is one of my favorite things to do. Some people call this visualizing, some people call this daydreaming, and I'll call it vibin'. :P

Thank you as always for reading!


PS: On the off chance that I miss an email you've sent, please do me a favor and reach out again in a week or two! Fingers crossed I'll be settling in by then! 

PPS: Rushing out the door to go to a TB test 😫 for my job and feed these two hungry men, so forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes. 



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