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Happy Chinese New Year!

It was actually yesterday, and I completely forgot to mention it. It's the year of the Pig and in celebrating that, my mind was totally on food all day yesterday, lol!

For the past 4 months, I've been living at home with my parents while Melo and I figure out where we are going to end up. Every single minute at home with my family (including our dearest blind dog Tommy) has been absolutely precious to me. And I am grateful for every second of how we grew up as it brought us all to where we are today.

Not to say that our family is perfect - it's not. And no one's is.

Because what's perfect anyway? Cue Anne-Marie's "Perfect to Me" song.

Anyway, back to food.

For the last 12 years away from home, I was never a really big cook, and I did not enjoy cooking. My family makes fun of me for not knowing how to do anything in the kitchen (but I swear I do - they're just stinkin' particular about everything, from how onions are chopped to how big the broccoli pieces should be to what the eggs should be like).

But being at home and eating dinners like we had as kids made me realize that I never even attempted to make any of the food that I grew up with on my own. I actually don't know any of the recipes.

And I LOVE the food we eat at home. It's not even necessarily Chinese. I remember someone asking me once if my parents cooked a lot of Chinese food growing up, and I just looked at them quizzically, like I didn't know how to answer.

I'm not even quite SURE what Chinese food is. (Anything you see at Panda Express is NOT, that much I can tell you, lol!)

I think every single family just has their own way of cooking and their own favorite recipes and foods. So my answer to the above question was that we ate whatever Mom or Dad cooked, lol. And it was always damn delicious!

Since it's so delicious, I don't know how to cook any of it, and my parents are mortal (I know, morbid, but shit's getting real these days) I decided to start documenting the recipes.

And believe me, writing these recipes down is tough because my dad is a very experimental chef and hates measuring things. So his instructions always sound like, "Here use this spoon. And put in a spoonful of more. Ok good. just want to add these things to taste." And he has a point about that.

So yesterday, I asked my mom to teach me how to make the spiced eggs that she made a lot when we were growing up. Oh my god. I need to eat one NOW.

But before I do, here's the recipe that I put in a blog post. If you end up making it, PUHLEASE let me know and post pictures! I would be SO EXCITED to know that someone else got to experience this deliciousness.

Although your eggs will probably taste different to the ones my mom and I made yesterday since there are no measurements on ANYTHING.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the post!

With love,


PS: The title of the post is "Patience & Spiced Eggs with My Mama," and I will admit that I didn't have anything super inspirational or enlightening to say about the patience piece except that it takes an EFF TON of patience to peel soft boiled eggs. That's all. 🤷😆



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