get out of your head & "free the wicks!"

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Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend. Not normal for me to be writing you on a Sunday, but it felt fun, so here I am.

I'm sitting downstairs on the floor of my parents' living room reading "Beautiful Ruins." It's a book that's been on my list for years, so imagine my delight when I found it at Half Price Books on Friday (you can see my $70 book haul on IG :D).

Melo comes over to light a candle but he takes forever doing it, so I smirk at him and ask him if he needs help. He smiles at me and says, "Some of the wicks have fallen over and are stuck in the hardened wax, so I'm trying to free them."

That made me laugh. "Free the wicks!" I responded, pumping a fist in the air.

Then I thought about how this relates to real life. (Yes, this is how my brain works now. "Oo, this is funny, this is material, how can I turn this into something for my readers?")

Sometimes, just from sheer gravity and momentum, we are like the wicks who have slowly bent over and gotten our heads stuck in hard wax. And it's impossible to light us up when we're stuck like that.

So some of us need to be freed too. We need to melt the wax around our heads so we can stand up and be lit up again.

The next question is how? In my opinion, the best way to get our heads out of the wax is to go do something fun.

Because when we do something fun, we light ourselves up from the inside instead of waiting for some merciful human to come over with a lighter to free us. And when we light ourselves up from the inside, the wax we are stuck in melts away. 

(Did that work? That metaphor? Lol.) 


Free the wicks! Do something fun today! Fist pump.

With love and laughs,




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