"I can hold my cough during eye surgery!"

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Today has been a funny day.

Grandpa was scheduled for cataract surgery this morning, so I went up to his place early in the morning to pick him and Grams up.

We get to Kaiser and Gramp's blood pressure is sky high. He didn't take his meds that morning because “the doc said no food or water”.

I chuckle at this because his thinking makes sense in a literal way. He usually takes his meds with food and water. So if no food or water, then no meds. Lol.

So I drive back to his house with Grams to get his pill box. We get back to Kaiser and there's no parking. So I drop Grams off and pray that she can find her way ok. (She was fine - I forgot that they do this all the time by themselves.)

I finally find parking and then the nurse asks, "He's coughing. Is he sick?"

Gramps says, "No, I'm fine. No problem."

Grams says, "Yea…he's been coughing since Monday."

Gramps says, "No, I'm fine.”

Nurse says, “Sir, I’m sorry, but if you cough during surgery…you know…you could lose the whole eye.” She waits patiently for me to translate and I pantomime an eyeball rolling on the floor.

Gramps responds, “No, I’m fine. I can hold my coughing during surgery."


So we end up rescheduling. The nurses and the surgeon were super nice about it.

I take them out to lunch because my poor Gramps by now is starving after fasting all morning. Towards the end of lunch, he says, "I'm sorry, I'm super tired. I'm going to go home and go to bed."

Poor guy. Pretty sure he's got a full blown cold now.

I walk Grams home and stop to pee. That's when I see that I had put on my underwear inside out when I was dressing in the dark that morning. I laughed some more.

I went home with a headache, and I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but today just reminded me to check in with my body.

And laugh. Enjoy. Find mirth in mistakes.

Because if you don't...you could lose an eye. Or end up with inside out underwear. :P Shrug.

Happy Friday, you guys. Sending you all love, warmth, coziness, hot cocoas if that's your thing, and healthy vibes.

With so much love,


PS: Mom if you see this, everything is ok. :) Big Texan hugs to you.

Edit on Monday, March 18, 2019:

I ended up with a sore throat that weekend too, but I let myself stay in bed for a day and a half and by Monday, I was good! So listen to your body and even illness doesn’t stay long. :)



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