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Happy Valentine's Day!

I always feel a little cliche saying that. I didn't grow up in a family that's big on celebrations. And in my relationships, I never really celebrated it either. I thought the $70 bouquets of roses was a complete waste of money and I never quite knew what to do during fancy romantic dinners where you have to sit with your legs crossed, talk in hushed tones, and work you way in with the utensils.

But that could just be the bitter little girl that still resides in me and wonders if I'll ever be lovable or good enough, lol.

So anyway, V-Day gives me the ugh's and instead, I always use this day to reflect back on myself.

And remind myself that I am lovable enough for ME. And that's the only person who truly matters.

Honestly. It took me a long while to learn this. And I'm still learning to apply it today!

The only person who truly matters is YOU.

Because when you love yourself totally and fully, the love you give out to the world is unconditional and it's filled with peace.

When you love yourself fully, the love you give to others is the kind that creates huge waves of positive impact.

You empower others to love themselves fully, too.

You empower others to use their voices, too.

So my question for you today is - What are you doing to express self love today?

With so much love,




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