how do you like to be supported?

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Good morning!

You guys have been so responsive to my emails, and it's SO MUCH FUN getting to know you guys! I'm in my Spring/Summer seasons of my cycle this week, so my creative wheels are spinning, and I'd like to create more podcast episodes and freebies for you.

So I need your help!

Some of you guys have let me know that you're really enjoying my emails and would like easier access to them, so I am slowly posting them up on my blog.

One of our guy readers/listeners have commented that he'd like to hear how women most like to be supported. Ladiessssss, let me knowwwww what your thoughts are on this because he really wants to know, and I'm super curious what you guys think too. I LOVE this topic - it was a HUGE deal in my family growing up, so this will definitely be a juicy podcast episode.

Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Hit reply 

  2. Let me know what you'd most like to hear about on the podcast to help you create more self-love in your life. 

  3. Let me know what kinds of freebies or guides or checklists you would find most helpful right now.

My eyes, hearts, and heart are on you, your inner self, and your Grand Vision. Can't wait to hear from you!!

With love,




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