#14: Hypnotherapy & Releasing Success Blocks with Dan Olexa, CCHt

Dan Olexa, CHt on The Love Yourself Podcast

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Can you believe it's already December?? I super excited about this month of podcasts - it's going to be all about self-sabotage and hypnothearpy. 

First up, is this wonderful interview with Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Mastery Coach, and author, Dan Olexa, CCHt, Dan shares: 

  • His story of how he became a hypnotherapist
  • The book that helped him shift his life
  • Common money blocks that stop us from being successful
  • How hypnotherapy can help release such blocks 
  • His bestselling book, Practical Manifesting 

Our interview actually went on for much longer than this episode, so stay tuned for more of Dan's nuggets of hypnotherapy wisdom in the next week's episode. 

We'll be talking about the common misconceptions about hypnotherapy as well, so if you have any questions you'd like answered, please post them in The Love Yourself Community


Links mentioned in this episode: 

For more information about Dan, please visit DanOlexa.com

Dan's book on Amazon, Practical Manifesting: Overcome Fear, Realize Truth, and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live

Dan's free e-book, Pessimist's Guide to Manifesting

Dan's many meditation recordings can be found here. 

Black Hole Focus - the book that changed Dan's life 

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