"I'm not living up to my fullest potential"

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I randomly stumbled upon a Byron Katie video on YouTube yesterday that really spoke to me (thank you, Universe).

First of all, I used to look at taking breaks like these as very unproductive. I always heard a voice in the back of my mind (my dad's actually) saying, "You're wasting time. You need to work harder. Stop being so lazy." When I realized that voice was not my own, I allowed myself to believe something different.

I allowed myself to believe that my breaks are productive. I actually wrote a blog post explaining how to take what I call intentional breaks on my blog a few months ago.

In this Byron Katie video, a man shares how he's been struggling with the idea that he's not living up to his full potential.

I definitely struggle with this. In Joyce Maynard's memoir that I finished last week, she talked about waking up each morning and asking herself, "What worthwhile project will I create today?" For me, I wake up every morning asking, "Am I living up to my fullest potential?"

The answer is usually, "no."

And so right upon waking up, oftentimes even before my eyes are open, my brain is already going a mile a minute listing out all the reasons why I am still not living up to my highest potential. And it sucks.

In the video, Katie talks about how to overcome this. I'm drawn to her kindness and gentleness, and I'm drawn especially to the man's sweetness. In his shy smile, as well as his thoughtful one. And I felt myself being reflected back to me on the screen.

In hearing him talk, it becomes painfully obvious to the audience what he could do to feel better. And like most of us, the stories we want to believe about who we are have a very strong hold on us. Or rather...WE have a really strong hold on THEM.

I'd love to hear from you - Do you struggle with this too? Is it true?

With love,




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