My sore boobs are important (and so are yours)

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Happy Hump Day! (giggle)

I woke up feeling really tired this morning. I was aching all over and my boobs are really effing sore, which means...

Just kidding. It means I'm going into the Fall phase of my cycle, which is all about de-cluttering. Cleaning up my physical spaces and my mind. And lately, my mind has been very cluttered. 

There's something I need to tell you, and it's not easy for me to share. 

I've been struggling financially. In a very big way.

To the point where I am now looking for full-time jobs.

I fluctuate on the daily whether to keep my business going (and that's why your guys' responses to my emails are so appreciated, thank you).

And worst of all, I've been wondering if I need to give up on my grand vision…

While also knowing full well that I never will - SO FRUSTRATING! (What's a grand vision?)

For some reason, I (my ego) had convinced myself that getting a job would kill me.

That it would go against everything that I believe in.

That it would make me look and feel like a fraud.

And I'd have to give up my grand vision of running a coaching business and a cafe while living in a beautiful ocean view home with at least 2 German Shepards.

So I've been dealing with a lot of hurt, shame, disappointment, and frustration. And a lot of ugly crying.

But today, even though I woke up feeling tired, I feel JUICED sitting here writing to you now.

I just got off one of my best group coaching calls yet. For one, my armpits didn't sweat (wow, I guess this whole email will be TMI, lol). And secondly, instead of freaking out when I didn't know what to say, I just paused and let whatever needed to come through me to come through. And what came through didn't make much sense to me, but it ended up being exactly what EVERYONE on the call needed to hear.

It was pure magic!


And that's when I realized that my grip on my grand vision had been too tight. And that's what I was feeling frustrated about.

I wanted the "how" behind my grand vision to look like being a successful entrepreneur NOW. I was so convinced that getting a job was NOT the RIGHT how, that I was making myself feel sick.

I realized that by being so attached to making money in my business now that I have closed off all other opportunities for me to get to my grand vision.

So I'm deciding to remember to surrender…

To continue connecting with my grand vision, but surrendering the how. Maybe the how WILL be getting a job. Maybe the how will be working as a coach for additional coaches that I admire (Yes, pleeeaasse!! Oops! So hard to detach from a specific how!) Maybe the how will be inviting in clients into my Free to Impact program.

No matter how, I'm choosing to be open to receiving and considering.


In conclusion…

My boobs are sore, I'm in the decluttering phase of my cycle, and I am choosing to declutter from my mind any attachments I have to the how behind my grand vision.

I will surrender and invite new opportunities to arise. And I will take what feels GREAT and aligned.

How about you? How does your body feel? Where in your life do you need to surrender?

With love,

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