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Happy Friday, beautiful!

Just wanted to send another reminder that I have a new updated version of the Future Self Meditation available. You can click here to give it a listen --> Future Self Guided Meditation (edited)

This week is my second to last full week on the mainland...

I know some of you know this already, but some of you haven't gotten the announcement yet because of my email snafu, but...I'm moving to OAHU at the end of the month!

Yesterday, at Big Sur, I couldn't help looking out at the horizon and thinking, "In a week an a half, my new home is going to be 2,400 miles out THAT way."

I'm still feeling pretty nervous. And I'm ok with it. :)

This morning, I got my beloved, trusty 2007 Honda Accord (aka Chococatmobile because when I turned 18, my car got decked out in Chococat stuff from Sanrio) washed and sprayed down with a lovely new clementine-scented perfume that I picked up from Target. He's going to the shipyard next week and I won't see him for a few weeks. For the past 12 years, I don't think I've gone longer than a day or two of not being in my car. It's my home.

I'm super glad I decided not to sell it to buy a new car over in Hawaii.

I think it's important to always have something that reminds you of a sense of home, especially when you move around as much as I do. Or otherwise feel "unsettled."

Of course with this move, my future self has shifted around a bit.

I swore I would never go back to being an OT when I quit my home health job at the end of 2017.

But I just signed an offer for a home health position on Oahu, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Living on Oahu ain't cheap!

I've been using the Future Self meditation quite a bit myself in the past couple of weeks, too. To remind me of my bigger picture.

When we moved home to the Bay Area, I thought we were staying. For once in my life, I was looking forward to putting down roots somewhere.

And who knows if I end up staying in Hawaii either.

So this meditation has been crucial in helping me feel grounded.

It reminds me of my bigger purpose and helps me make big and small decisions.

I hope it helps you do the same!

Click here to download and listen to the updated Future Self Guided Meditation.

With love,




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