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I've been hearing a message repeatedly from the Universe lately. Does that ever happen to you? You keep getting the same message in different forms - in books, movies, podcasts, random conversations you overhear, on billboards, or when talking with friends? And you're just like, "Ok! I get it!" with a chuckle?

This morning, it came up again and I knew I had to share it with you guys.

The message is this: "Overcoming resistance is far more important than talent or anything else...any gift. There are a million people who have talent, but there are very, very few who can sit down and take it all the way from A to Z."

That's from Steven Pressfield, the author of "The Art of War," on Marie Forleo's show today.

We all have a gift to share to the world that is unique to us. That lights up our soul.

Our gift is just us being ourselves and doing what we most desire.

And I truly believe that each and every single one of us can make a great living doing just that thing.

But it does require us to be persistent. And I think more often than not, it challenges the status quo.

Whether you are meant to be an entrepreneur or an artist or an employee or an executive, whether you've had a ton of years of experience or you've had zero.

There is something that you want to do that lights you up from the inside out, but the status quo (society's rules, rules that we've adopted as our own, that we don't have to!) says that we can't for whatever reason.

And I'm on a soapbox this morning telling you to keep moving towards finding that thing if you haven't found it yet (many of us haven't even started searching so don't feel bad!) and to keep doing your thing if you have.

And by telling you, I really mean I'm telling myself.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the status quo version of consistency and persistence is to go-go-go-and-never-quit-not-even-for-a-second. And I'd like to share with you that you DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT FOR YOURSELF.

Make up your own definition of consistency and persistence.

Because IRL, you can never go-go-go-and-never-quit. If we believe this, we end up go-go-go-until-we-burn-out and then we burn-out-until-we-get-sick-and-feel-like-failures-and-quit.

Because IRL, everything happens in cycles. Sometimes it's go-go-go and sometimes it's rest-rest-rest. Embrace the cycles, reach out for support from your people when you need it (I'm always here!), feel great about yourself, and move on. It's the fastest way to get back on the creative train.

If you need a dose of encouragement this morning, I highly encourage you to watch Marie Forleo's show with Steven Pressfield. I love Marie (and I've wanted to be her for quite some time!) and Steven's face is just so kind. So go watch it! Marie also has it as a podcast too, so you can search her on your podcast player and find that episode.

The other message is that I need to friggin' read The War of Art already, lol. In my cart and arriving...Friday. :)

With love,




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