A radical act of self love

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Hope you're having a lovely Thursday. This week flew by so quickly for me!

I've been applying to jobs this week, and I realized how different my approach to job hunting is now compared to the past.

One of my friends reminded me that it's more important for me to look up local companies that I'd like to support and then finding out if they have any open job listings instead of the usual way of job hunting, i.e. going on Indeed.com and searching for the position title you want to fill.

That shift alone has been incredible for me. Getting a job is no longer just about increasing my income. It's about finding an organization my soul feels aligned with and helping them achieve their goals using my best skills. It has helped me feel so much better about this "opportunity." Going back to work doesn't mean I'm a failure...


In fact...shout out to my friend Andrew, who is a very active member of The Love Yourself Community - Andrew reminded me that getting a job can actually be a radical act of self love.

Getting a job working for a company I believe in is a radical act of self love because in my soul, I just want to help people and working for a company that helps people will feed my soul.

Getting a job is a radical act of self love because I'll be able to better fulfill my own basic needs.

Getting a job is a radical act of self love because in loving and providing for myself, I can better provide for others.

What can you look at in your life that you feel resistance around as a radical act of self love?

Thank you for reading!





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