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These days, with IG and FB and Twitter and all the things, it's so easy to get caught up in all that we haven't achieved or experienced yet.

We forget to look back and see how far we've come.

Or when we do, we minimize our progress.

I've been working more on my book lately, which has been scary as it brings up a lot of imposter syndrome stuff (i.e. "Who would want to read my story? Especially since I have no silver lining, IG-worthy outcome of a life to show for it at the end?").

Over the past 5 years, I've started so many books. I never got past one chapter before I decided it was all super stupid and no one was going to read it anyway.

The only thing that has helped is getting a program called Scrivener and pretending that I am just collecting and writing down a bunch of significant moments in my life. More like a journal than a book. I write about why these moments are significant to me and how they have helped to shape who I am now.

The way Scrivener is laid out lets me see all of these moments by the cute, short titles I've given them in a column. So every time I open up the file, I see laid out all the most beautiful moments in my life.

In seeing these stories laid out, I always feel so full and thankful. There's richness and love and life in every single story I've written down, even the most depressing, bleak ones.

How often do any of us take a moment to appreciate our lives and the special things we HAVE experienced?

How often do we appreciate that not a single other person has EVER experienced all that we have experienced and that's EXACTLY what makes each of us special and impactful?

Oftentimes, I just write a quick catch phrase to jog my memory about a special moment and only coming back to write out the entire story when I'm feeling inspired and word-happy. And even just seeing a column of these catch phrases jogs all the memories and creates wonderful feelings inside my body.

For example, when I see "sore boobs" I laugh and think of my beautiful connection with you.

When I see "Hi Mr. Tang, can Jess come out to play basketball?" I smile and feel immense love and gratitude towards the boy who was brave enough to ask and my dad who freaked out, said no, and shut the door in his face. And I smile for my teenage angsty self who was so mad, sad, and embarrassed.

And when I see "Detergent in the bird bath" and "bamboo bong" I immediately think of the times I discovered spontaneity, fun, and danger and feel free and proud of myself.

So I'm curious and would love to hear some of your significant moments if you'd like to share them with me. Why are they significant to you?

Are there any moments that you don't even talk or think about because even though they are significant to you, you think they are not significant "enough" for others to hear it?

I especially encourage you to share those stories now - let's celebrate YOU, the REAL YOU, not the you that you think everyone else want you to be.

I love you, and I see you. I see how far you've come, and I celebrate you.

Happy Friday,




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