super blood moon eclipse and what I discovered (again)

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I'm in the winter phase of my cycle right now, which is all about resting, and BEING, so I was super excited when I woke up wanting to listen to a book-writing webinar. (Maybe THIS time, it'll happen! #fingerscrossed #lol)

After finishing the webinar and feeling super jazzed, I saw that my - I know never know what to call her, ex-coach turned friend turned employer? Friend is great. Lol...but from now on, you will know her as - Bri had posted an article about the super blood moon eclipse in my sign, Leo, this weekend. The article suggested a lovely ritual, too.

Even though I don't always take astrology things to heart, they sure do create really great journal prompts and reflection times, so I was curious and read more about it.

Basically, at least for my sign, this eclipse will bring closure to a cycle of growth, healing, and transformation that started 2 years ago, in 2017. So I started thinking back to what I was doing at that time.

After digging around through my memory and my blog, I realized that in February 2017, I was closing up my first business, Damon Wellness Consulting. I was going back and forth over quitting my hospital OT job. And it was my first time experiencing a flu so bad that my joints felt like they were slipping around in their sockets, creating this bone-grinding sound, and a whole lot of pain. I couldn't pull my blankets up or sleep on my side for a week, and I couldn't walk for a day. That was nuts. Walking to the bathroom to pee was an adventure. 

The biggest thing out of that time that I'm connecting to present day is that I let go of Damon. I let go of my first business. And almost immediately after, I started getting clients. It was strange.

Fast forward to today, and I have decided to lovingly detach from my coaching business and the desperate NEED for it to make me money. I'm letting go of what I think my business should look like "by now," and just letting it BE. For the first time, I'm writing emails to you guys for fun. Just to share my thoughts. Which, looking back, is what I REALLY wanted to be doing when I started my own site.

I realized that by letting IT be, I'm really letting MYSELF be. (Aaaanndd we come full circle to the first sentence of this email. Boom.)

Here's what else I wrote in my journal:

"When you have a direction - direction is really just the direction of your true self, YOUR truth north - you can let the stars inside your soul be your North Star. All you have to do is simply look up to check and align your course. No more spinning around in circles.

We [those of us spinning around] are all denying our God-given right to BE OURSELVES! That's all it ALWAYS comes back to. You can do all the work you want to do to get rid 'false beliefs' and whatever, but the biggest belief we hold is, 'It's not ok to be who we truly are.' We spend our whole lives trying to be someone we're not, and THAT'S the reason why some of us feel like we're spinning around in circles, feeling lost, forgotten, unseen, and unheard."

I know this is the same message I always get and always share, but my ego has a thick skully, yenno?

And I'm going to just let it BE.

I'm going to be OK with my thick skull of an ego. My 10 foot thick walls of steel. And just BE.

How are you going to let go and just BE today?

I see you and I love you,




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