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Question: For those of you who are making shifts in your life to be more in alignment with your Future Self, how many times do you hear yourself saying, "But I don't wannnaaa" when it comes time to follow through on a change?

I check in with my Future Self every day, and I LOVE writing emails to you and creating my podcast episodes and checking my email to see all the messages from you guys because it is truly in alignment with my Future Self.

But there are still days when I have a running commentary of "But I don't wannnaaa..."s in my head.

It's taken time to practice doing this, but now, when I catch this happening, I know that my ego is feeling uncomfortable or afraid about something.

When I take a moment to have a conversation with that little piece of me that's saying, "I don't wannaa," and ask her what's wrong, she tells me that she just needs some comforting and reassurance.

She tells me that she's saying "I don't wanna" because she's scared that I'll write something really shitty or nobody will open my email or I'm going to say something horrible or wrong on the podcast and people are going to hate me.

So I take some time to hold her and tell her that as long as we are channeling, we can trust that what we create is good enough and exactly what someone out there needs to hear...because we are already good enough exactly as we are.

Then if I try to sit in front of the computer again but it feels forced, I ask ego again if there's anything else she needs. And more often than not, she says, "Play." So I put on my favorite Spotify playlist and have a dance party or I go outside to spend time with Tommy dog in the sun or I read one of my fiction books.

And what's interesting is that even if I go and do that just for a few minutes, with the intention of opening up my mind and heart to "download" whatever inspiration I need to do what I need to do, something amazing always comes!

For example, for my daily emails, I never really know what I'm going to be writing about before I sit down at my computer. Sometimes, I'll get a little ping while I'm sipping my morning coffee, but it isn't until I sit down at my computer that things start flowing.

I intentionally open up my heart and mind to receive whatever needs to come through me.

There's a feeling of peaceful detachment from the stuff that comes out. And a beautiful sense of knowing that whatever comes through is exactly what is needed by someone.

I always wanted to be a writer as a little girl, and I can't tell you how many short stories I've started but never finished. There's one about a little girl, named Willow, who was raised by talking trees...inspired by Pocahontas. :)

And before January, every time I tried to write a story, I would second guess every single word that came out. Writing was a struggle because I wanted every single word to be perfect.

But now, with this practice of opening my heart and mind to flow through the emails I'm sending you each day, I'm learning how to be a better channel.

It's the most incredible feeling. I lose track of time and often end up writing pages upon pages.

I've even become a much better coach! I'm less attached to needing my clients to make a big shift or change. I just trust the process and allow them to be where they're at while allowing whatever needs to come through me to come through.

If you've ever had sessions with me, I'll say things like, "I don't know what this means, but I keep getting the word ___" and it always ends up being exactly what my client needs to hear to empower themselves into shifting their perspective so they can become their Future Selves.

So when you are feeling like you're struggling to transform yourself into your Future Self, take some time to soothe your ego's discomfort first and then download whatever inspiration you need to move forward.

Is "downloading" something you're comfortable with? Or would you like something to help you learn how to do this?

With love,



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