Who is your inner self and why is she important?

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Yesterday, the newest and latest episode of The Love Yourself Podcast came out. If you missed it, click here to listen. I shared my strategy for goal-setting this year since all the years before of planning didn't really work all that well.

In today's email, I wanted to remind you that your inner self is the most important person you could ever choose to listen to.


Your inner self is the guardian of your grand vision.

Your grand vision is your dream life. That life that you're terrified to dream of, much less own. The one that feels so expansive, you want to burst into tears or grin so hard you feel like your face is splitting in two.

And the only way to live your dream life is to become your inner self. 

100% your inner self.

Your inner self is the part of you that already exists deep inside you, buried underneath layers of self-protection mechanisms. (Not your fault, by the way! It's part of our human experience - a topic for another time.)

Your inner self is the you who smiles easily, loves openly, and doesn't worry about laughing too hard or too loudly.

The you who feels sadness without covering it up with anger or rage or immediately talking herself out of it with positive thoughts.

The you who expresses herself clearly and openly and is able to own her boundaries without feeling like she has to put 10-feet-thick steel walls around her heart.

And in order to become this version of yourself, you have to start by getting clear about who she is.

In the podcast episode, I mentioned that I wanted to share more journal prompts with you. Journaling has truly changed my life - it's given me a peek into my conscious and subconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting and has helped me pinpoint what I want to change in order to become my inner self.

So below are a few questions for you to journal about today.

There's no right or wrong way to do this - what's more important is whether you can keep up a practice of self-reflection or not. So you're more than welcome to put pen to paper, stylus to iPad, fingertips to keyboard, or even voice to phone memo. :)

Journal Prompts:

How connected are you to your inner self?

What does she look like? Sound like? Feel like?

Last but not least, What's her name?

I would LOVE to read or listen to your responses to these questions and even help you dig a little deeper so you can take bigger strides towards becoming your inner self. Email me anytime at jessica@jessicamaytang.com.

With love,

PS: For the boys who are still following along, please change the pronouns in the journal prompts to male ones. Unless your inner self is a woman. ;)



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